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Current POV Athletes:

Over the past 2 years I have played both club and beach volleyball for Coach Mo. I had played on many other teams for many other coaches prior to her but she is unlike any of them. During my first practice with Coach Mo I could tell that things were going to be different. She has a passion and deep understanding for the game that I had never seen in any other coach. She can take any…and I mean ANY timid, average, quiet player and turn them into a total beast on the court. I have definitely grown a substantial amount as a volleyball player working with Mo, but even more as a leader – whether it be on or off the court. She leads by example. She is at every practice, she participates in drills, she demonstrates proper technique, and she will go to any and all measures to make sure we are having fun. Fun doesn’t mean slacking off and it certainly doesn’t mean not focusing. It means working hard, pushing each other constantly, and leaving everything you have on the court every time. Almost every 16 year old girl who has ever played volleyball knows how to pass, set, hit, and serve….at least they think they do. I came to Coach Mo as a volleyball player. That’s pretty much it. I didn’t play a specific position, I wasn’t very confident, and I never knew if my serve would even make it over the net. Coach Mo put me in the setter position – a position I had previously been unhappy with on other teams. I was by no means the best player…or even the best setter on the team but Coach Mo saw something in me that I didn’t. She worked even harder than I did to improve my technique and skill. She developed me into a leader on the team.  I had the privilege to be a part of the first Precision One team in 2015. Every team member came from a different prior club team and had differing levels of experience but the bond between us grew faster than I had ever experienced. We all worked extremely hard at practices to not only better ourselves but each other and the team as a whole.  We all grew and learned as a team which allowed for an amazing team-like connection both on and off the court. As a team we are one. – 17U Athlete

Current POV Parents:

” We really appreciate the way that Coach Duffield (MO)  emphasizes on the girls being independent in their sport. She really tries to teach the girls that what they learn, how they learn, and what they take away from their practices and tournaments is totally dependent on each girls attitude and how much they are willing to put into it. She makes them accountable. Our daughter appreciates that. Anyone who is a true athlete should appreciate that. As parents, we appreciate that. It makes our daughter a good team mate both on and off the courts. Coach Duffield is completely committed to growing the game of volleyball in Iowa, both indoor and outdoor. Her dedication the building the Oasis Sand Club and the Precision One indoor club proves that dedication to the young athletes in this area. But her reach is so much more than that. She graciously accommodates any and all who want to play. Her knowledge that she brings to the game is second to none! Our daughter has learned things she has never been shown or taught before, and because of that, has continued to excel as a volleyball player. Our daughter has found her home.” – 15U National Parent

Director Coach Duffield – Former College Athletes:

To Whom It May Concern, I have known Coach Mo since the spring of 2009 when she was recruiting me to become part of the Women’s Volleyball team at St. Andrew’s University. Born and raised in Canada, sports have always been a significant part of my life. I have attended 3 schools throughout my education and have received athletic scholarships for Women’s Basketball and Volleyball. Throughout my career, I have also worked with coaches to coach teams and camps in volleyball, basketball, and figure skating. I am now a clinical counsellor in Ontario, Canada with my undergrad in Psychology and my Masters in Social Work. Through my field, we are educated extensively about the critical impact that we have on others through our meaningful relationships. When asked to provide a reference letter for Coach Mo, I did so without hesitation as the impact that she had on me, as a player and student, was significant. Being from Canada, I did not know anyone on the team or even at the school. Coach Mo recognized the importance of developing her team’s cohesiveness off the court and created multiple social events for the team to engage with one another. A fond memory was spending Halloween at her place while carving pumpkins as a team and participating in fun games. It was noticeably evident that the team members enjoyed Coach Mo as her office was often filled with players. The team was able to rely on her as she was always approachable to talk to about anything without pressure or judgment, no matter the time of the day or what she had going on in her life. I truly appreciated her caring attitude as she would frequently check in on me to make sure that I was adjusting well and that I was ok with being so far away from home. Coach Mo made us feel like we were a successful team, even before our season had commenced. She volunteered countless hours to renovating our dressing room, negotiating for new uniforms, and finding room in our budget to afford new travel attire. For me, her strong investment in our team and her confidence in our ability td succeed made me feel motivated to work hard as her player. Coach Mo’s positive attitude and infectious energy was contagious throughout our team. Whether we had an early morning practice, a late evening conditioning workout, or we were into the 5th set of a match; Coach Mo’s attitude and energy helped us to persevere. Even when we were down by a lot, I never felt that she gave up on us. Her approach of ‘meeting the player where she was at’ was noticeably beneficial in resolving individual issues. For example, in drills, she took time to correct and help individual players when they were struggling and used her knowledge to make appropriate adjustments that would benefit the team as a whole. Coach Mo appreciated and acknowledged the importance of education and succeeding in the classroom. She always made herself available to approach when having difficulty with our studies and arranged for specific time frames to focus on completing our assignments. Our Women’s Volleyball team was recognized for having one of the highest GPA’s throughout our athletic department, which can partially be attributed to Coach Mo’s support of our education. A crucial strength of Coach Mo’s, which sets her apart from past coaches, is her ability to fundraise for her team and for the school. Her dedication to creating a financially stable budget to afford new equipment or to travel to tournaments is incomparable to any team I have been part of. I can recall her hard work that she put forth when organizing activities and events for
October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, such as painting the school’s social wall pink, creating banners, purchasing pink attire for the team, advertising our games and fundraisers to the school and community, and helping to raise money for this important cause. She also exemplified a strong commitment to the school and community as she worked hard to involve her team to support their planned activities as well. During the month of October, our team
paired up with the soccer team to create a haunted house for the children in our community. The impact that Coach Mo left in my life has made me feel confident and comfortable in referring her as a potential coach at your institution. Presently, when counselling coaches or team leaders of companies, the skills that I try to build in my clients are mirrored in Coach Mo. Her dedication, commitment, and care for her players are immeasurable and meaningful. – Former College Athlete
Coach Mo came all the way to Texas to meet my family and to make me more comfortable about leaving for college. When I met her I knew that this was going to be a long relationship. Coach Mo cared about me even before knowing me. Coach Mo really has a way with parents. When I got to college it was nothing like I expected. Coach Mo not only helped me physically but also mentally challenging me each day to do the best and to become the best. Coach Mo is an amazing coach I am very tall and Coach Mo taught me to use my height to become a great athlete. Coach Mo pushes each one of her players to strive for the highest point. Coach Mo is not afraid to get down and dirty. If she is going to teach something she is not a hypocrite she gets out on the floor and shows you how to “dig it”. You will not find a better person out there for the job. Coach Mo is willing to make the best, to be the best. Coach Mo also is great with keeping up with the players. She made sure we were healthy mentally and physically. She made me stronger. She made me a better person, and a better athlete. Coach Mo gives in everything she can to make a difference. She made a difference in me. Coach Mo now is not only my college coach but a friend that I can depend on. I hope all the best for her because she deserves the best. – Former College Athlete